Seeds of Hope, Inc., a humanitarian NGO developed by Tass and Karen Saada, is the catalyst for the practical application of their faith. Due to the continuing conflict in the Middle East, Hope for Ishmael, through Seeds of Hope, plants new vision in the lives of individuals and families in the war torn area of Israel and the West Bank. Through education, economic development, humanitarian aid, and cultural exchange programs, lives are changed by providing a hopeful alternative to destruction and despair.

Through the dedication of volunteers and staff the Israeli and Palestinian people witness the love of God in relationship and commerce.

Because of the Jewish/Islamic influences in the area, the goal is to encourage the local church, Muslim converts, and Jewish believers to reach their unsaved neighbors. The church is highly oppressed in this area and lives day to day with the goal of survival. By partnering with and building up each person in their everyday life and their spiritual walk, bold believers are cultivated and ready to stand for truth and share their faith with their community. Reducing the poverty of the area brings peace, as hope for a better future grows.

We encourage you to partner with us in support of Hope for Ishmael through the Nehemiah Fund. To donate click on Donate button, select method of payment, then choose Nehemiah Fund.